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Welcome to the Dinosaur Expeditions C.I.C. Blog.


Dinosaur Expeditions is a Community Interest Company based on the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom.

We were created by local fossil enthusiasts to promote responsible fossil collecting and the creation of original palaeoart.

We have set-up the Dinosaur Expeditions Conservation and Paleoart Centre (a.k.a. The Dinosaur Expeditions Centre) at the site of the former Dinosaur Farm Museum, near Brighstone in the West Wight.

We are next to six and a half miles of coastline exposing 125 million year old, Lower Cretaceous mud; regarded as one of the best localities for Dinosaur fossils in Europe.

This blog will showcase the work our volunteers do to discover and conserve new fossil discoveries and then interpret them through palaeoart.

Thanks for reading.


Dinosaur Expeditions C.I.C.